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KABA BAR OR APPLE STORE?: Please Research.

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I a mail asking Muslims people to take action against a bar with name Mecca Bar or Kaaba bar. I dont know from where these rumors are generated and who are the people behind these kind of rumors.
Here are the pics sent by mail(you can find thousands of article, blogs on net stating the same, giving wings to the rumor, with similar pics):
apple store during construction(via the black cover was in place for external protection, which made it look like the kaaba.

In reality the pics shown above are picture taken during the construction of the  building. Actually this building belongs to Apple and is in fact Apple Store at Fifth Ave. New York City.
Following are the present pics of the building:
Apple Store
via Apple gallery: this is what the completed structure looks like. 

You can see more picture of this building at Apple site. Please research further before you join false causes. 
Thank you.
Present address of the same Apple Store:
767 Fifth Ave. New York City, NY 10153 (212) 336-1440

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